The next iPhone launch is still a couple of months away with the whole delay due to COVID-19. But you know what we witnessing here is the brand new iPhone 12. Yeah I know this is fake or you might call dummies. But last year too we witnessed a fake/dummy iPhone 11. And it turned out to be very close to the real thing. These fake iPhone 12’s are close to what the rumored iPhone 12 rumrs is supposed to look like. So you know what this article is going to tell you all about the upcoming iPhone’s. And what to expect from it. Well let me start by telling you that according to fairly reliable rumors we’re getting four new iPhones this year. An iPhone 12, iPhone 12 max, iPhone 12 Pro and an iPhone 12 pro max.

iPhone 12 Series : Design

Now if you’re wondering shouldn’t the new iPhone’s be called iPhone 11 s. So according to reports this year we’ll see a major design revamp in the iPhone’s. And does the iPhone 12 moniker not the iPhone 11 s. Now we witnessed three pairs of these mock-up iPhone’s starting with the iPhone 12 max. Since the iPhone 12 is rumored to be smaller and more compact then the iPhone 12 pro. Because the pro version is always compact and then the iPhone 12 pro max because obviously max.

iPhone 12 Colors

Now as you can see from the image above iPhone’s in black as well as white. But the finish is what really interests me. I mean one thing you can probably notice in the probable iPhone 12 pro and the iPhone 12 pro max is that both have the matte finish be it on the black variant or the white variant. And when the matte finish especially on the black one looks and feels really cool. I hope the actual iPhone 12 pro comes in matte black too. Although leaks such as the new iPhone 12 pro and pro max will come in a new navy blue color. Which in these images looks really cool. As for the iPhone 12 its mock-up has the glossy finish which i think will actually be the case with the 12 and the 12 max.

Having said that all of them be the iPhone 12 max iPhone 12 pro or pro max they all have the metal rim design on the frame. Something that we recently saw in the latest iPad well this has been rumored to come with the new iPhone’s. And yet this is very similar to the iPhone 4, 4s, 5, & 5s etc. which had the same squared edges design. So if this is true I’m glad Apple is going back to that design.

iPhone 12 Series rumors design and colors

iPhone 12 : Cameras

Anyway, you can also see that all three of them have triple cameras very similar to what we saw on the iPhone 11 pro last year. Now the iPhone 12 pro and the pro max should come with triple cameras. But the iPhone 12 and 12 max are said to have dual cameras same as the iPhone 11. So these mock-ups aren’t right on that front as for the front I can’t make up if the notch is smaller in these mock-ups or not which is rumored.

No Charger in The Box

And apart from that we do not get a charger with these fake iPhone 12 s. And you know what we might not get one with the new iPhone’s. There are a lot of rumors suggesting that the new iPhone’s won’t come with a charging brick as well as Air-pods, the headphones apple bundles in the box. And I know it sounds crazy but with Apple, you never know I mean I hope this rumor remains a rumor. Because if this happens android manufacturers will start following this trend and us android users will suffer. So yeah I hope this rumor does not come true.

iPhone 12 Series rumored specs

iPhone 12 Series : Specification

Anyway that apart, now lets talk about the specs of the new iPhone’s. So for the first time all the new iPhone’s are said to be coming with OLED panels. A 5.4 inch OLED on the iPhone 12, 6.1 inches on the iPhone 12 max, 5.8 inch OLED on the iPhone 12 pro, and a 6.7 inch on a display on the iPhone 12 pro max. Not only that all of the new iPhone’s are also said to be coming with Pro-motion 120 hertz displays. And yeah that would be awesome right I mean iPhone’s feel so fluid already 120 hertz would be something plus. The face id module including the different sensors in the cameras the whole shebang will be put in a smaller notch. While also bringing faster face identification and other enhancements so yeah fingers crossed.

When it comes to chip-set the new iPhone should be powered by the A14 bionic. Which is said to be the first five-nano-meter smartphone chip-set. So it should be more power-efficient and very powerful plus it’ll be paired with a Qualcomm X55 modem for 5G support. So that’s great for anyone who wants a future-proof iPhone.

As for the memory 4 GB is on the regular iPhone 12 and 6 GB on the pro variants with base variants featuring 128 Gb storage. On the camera front there are rumors that Apple will go with the 64-megapixel main camera on all of these new iPhone’s. So let’s see now with the usual cameras. The pro and the pro max variants will also come with Li-DAR sensors for better AR capabilities again this is something we’ve seen in the iPad Pro 2020 refresh. So that’s pretty much everything to expect from the new iPhone’s.

iPhone 12 Series display


Now coming to the pricing well the new iPhone 12 series always have heartbreaking band-breaking prices. Well the new iPhone’s coming this year are also said to come with a big price bump due to multiple reasons. Like 5G manufacturing issues, with OLED and the pandemic. So things are going to get more pricey having said that there is a possibility that the iPhone 12 which will probably be the cheapest new iPhone of the lot will be made in India. So with the big price bump I’m not expecting it to be very affordable. Instead I’m expecting it to be around the same price as the iPhone 11.

Now the pricing aside all of these fake iPhone 12 series with their design changes all the rumored specs and features point to one thing. it’s that the iPhone 12 all four of them will be a major refresh. See if you ask me I’m excited about the new iPhone’s because let’s face it we don’t get a lot of flagships these days especially in India. There’s Samsung and one plus but if you think about it that’s pretty much it. So yeah I’m waiting for the new iPhone 12 series which is probably coming in October.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Are you excited about the iPhone 12? Do you like the metal rim design that the new iPhones are supposed to be coming with? Tell us in the comment section below?




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