Xiaomi has just unveiled the third Generation of their under-display camera for selfie, which is nearly Invisible on the display. This is the future of front-facing cameras. Yes, some fun motorized things are out there to eliminate the notch and the hole punch. But this just feels more futuristic. To achieve this result they have shrunk the pixels to diminish the appearance of the camera sitting underneath the section of the display, where it is.

So they didn’t have to thin out the pixel count they just had to make the pixels smaller. And the effect here for under display camera for selfie is that you barely see the location where that camera sits the front-facing camera. It can either be a square cut out which is a little more visible because of the straight edges. Or it can be a circular style which is far tougher to see.

In the video linked below you’ll see it’s a short video just sort of giving you a real-world kind of look at this technology with some scrolling and whatnot. And look how great the full-screen display is with no obstructions. I know what people are gonna say, people are gonna say but it’s not perfect I can kind of see the outline. It’s like what’s your alternative: a giant black orb or square like you don’t. It doesn’t have to be perfect right now for it to be better, yes and it’ll only improve from here.

And then there’s the front-facing under-display camera for selfie which a lot of people would be curious about. “Is there a degradation in the quality of the selfie camera because it’s having to look through the display”. Now I don’t know about their demo. This looks like a Photoshop job after the fact superimposed so we can’t speak to it. Nonetheless, we are getting closer to seeing this in devices. The upcoming device from ZTE where they said it’s going to be the world’s first. So they’re working on it, Xiaomi is working on it. It’s going to come soon and it’ll probably become the norm shortly after that.

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