Meet Jason Weaver, the multi-talented actor and singer. Through his career in the entertainment industry, he has not only gained recognition but also acquired a significant net worth. Estimates hint at Jason Weaver net worth being around $4 million as of 2023. However, the exact numbers remain undisclosed.

Today, we will try to provide a detailed estimate of his net worth. We will also explore the intriguing facts of Jason Weaver’s career and his path to stardom.

What is Jason Weaver Net Worth?

Jason Weaver is known for his work in acting and music. He has an estimated net worth of approximately $4 million as of 2023. He started his acting career in the early 1990s. He appeared in various projects like “Smart Guy,” “Sister, Sister,” and “The Kid Who Loved Christmas.”

Jason Weaver is also known for being the singing voice of Simba in “The Lion King.” In addition to his acting career, Jason released several albums. Plus, he contributed to music in collaboration with Chingy, which is called “One Call Away.” So, Jason Weaver net worth is a result of his work in both acting and music.

Biography of Jason Weaver

Now that you have an estimation of Jason Weaver net worth, let’s go through his biography. You can learn how this talented actor and singer grew up and made his debut in the entertainment industry.

General Information About Jason Weaver

Full Name Jason Michael Weaver
Nick Name Jason Weaver
Profession Actor, Singer, Voice Over Artist
Date of Birth Jul 18, 1979
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois
Gender Male
Age 44 years old
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Nationality American
Net Worth $4 Million

Early Life and Career

Jason Michael Weaver was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. His parents, Kitty Haywood and Robert Lincoln Weaver, gave birth to him on July 18, 1979. From the very beginning, he had a supportive environment that nurtured his artistic talents. In fact, his mother was a singer and musician herself.

Jason acquired an interest in performing at a young age from his mother. This interest led him to start his acting career as a child. He started by doing commercials and small roles on TV.

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But what really set Jason on his path in showbiz was his singing talent. In the late 1980s, he wowed everyone with his singing on the talent show “Star Search.” His incredible voice caught the attention of people in the entertainment industry. It was a kickstart for him in the entertainment industry.

Jason Weaver Salary from Lion King

In an interview with VladTV in October 2019, Jason Weaver shared a fascinating insight regarding his role in The Lion King. He disclosed that he was offered a substantial $2 million as a flat fee for his work on the film. To adjust that amount for inflation to today’s dollars, it is roughly equivalent to $3.5 million.

Instead, he chose to receive $100,000 upfront and a share of future song and film royalties. This turned out to be a smart decision. He mentioned that he continues to receive checks related to The Lion King, even many years after the movie’s initial release. As a result, his total earnings have far exceeded the initial $2 million offer.

Also, he explained that his mother made this choice since he was a minor when the film was made. She was aware of Disney’s habit of re-releasing its classics. So she could clearly see the potential for long-term earnings. She wanted to ensure that Jason would continue to receive payments even as he grew older.

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You should know that the movie, The Lion King, earned nearly $1 billion at the box office during its original run. On top of that, it generated at least another billion from home video sales and licensing. After adjusting for inflation, The Lion King remains the highest-grossing animated film of all time in terms of box office revenue.

Breakthrough Roles and Television Appearances

During the late 1990s and 2000s, Jason Weaver had some breakthrough roles in his career. Let’s delve into Jason Weaver’s breakthrough roles in more detail:

●     Singing Voice of Simba in “The Lion King

One of the most iconic and notable roles in Jason Weaver’s career is giving the singing voice of Simba in Disney’s animated classic, “The Lion King.” It remains one of the defining aspects of his career. His vocals in the film’s song, “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King,” added to the film’s charm.

●       “Thea” and “Smart Guy” TV Shows

Jason Weaver gained huge recognition for his roles in “Thea” and “Smart Guy.” In “Thea,” he played the role of James Turrell, while in “Smart Guy,” he portrayed the character of Marcus Henderson. These popular TV series made him a familiar face to television audiences.

●       Diverse Film Roles

Jason Weaver’s film career was full of dynamic roles. He was seen in movies such as “Freedom Song,” “The LeBrons,” “Sister, Sister,” “The Ladykillers,” “Drumline,” “Dysfunctional Friends,” “ATL,” “Love for Sale,” “Lottery Ticket,” and “He’s Mine Not Yours.”

These roles in both comedy and drama showcased his ability to portray diverse characters. For instance, “Drumline” was a notable success in which he played a key supporting role.

●       Young Michael Jackson in “The Jacksons: An American Dream”

One of his biggest moments came in 1992, when Jason played the young Michael Jackson in the miniseries “The Jacksons: An American Dream.” This role was a game-changer. He received a lot of praise for his performance as the legendary pop icon.

Music Career

Jason Weaver didn’t just stick to acting; he also gave music a shot. He released a studio album titled “Love Ambition” in 1995. In the same year, he released an EP called “Stay With Me.” In collaboration with Chingy, he performed the hit song “One Call Away.”

His instinct for music demonstrated his artistic pursuits beyond acting. Even though his music career didn’t reach the same level of success as his acting, it still added to his net worth.


Does Jason Weaver have children?

Yes, Jason Weaver has a son, and his name is Jaylen Zylus.

Did Jason Weaver sing in The Lion King?

Yes, Jason Weaver sang as Simba in the original version of the movie “The Lion King,” which was released in 1994.

Why was Jason Weaver in a wheelchair?

Jason Weaver used a wheelchair due to his 15-year battle with diabetes. The illness had weakened his immune system. Due to this illness, his body could not fend off infections anymore. As a result, both his legs were amputated.


Jason Weaver net worth reflects how successful he is in his career. His portrayal of young Michael Jackson and his singing voice as Simba in “The Lion King” have made him a celebrated star.

While we estimate his net worth to be approximately $4 million, his ongoing projects and diverse roles may have an impact on his financial status. Jason Weaver’s career continues to evolve, promising more exciting ventures in the future.


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