Radio broadcaster, comedian, actor, and TV host Rickey Smiley is a household name in the United States. People often say that words have power, which is also worth money for a comedian like Rickey Smiley. Here it is to those wondering about Rickey Smiley’s net worth.

It is Rickey’s prank phone calls that have made him famous. It’s Rickey Smiley on the other end of the line, but he’s using a disguise to fool the recipient. Smiley is well known for his comedic work, but he also has a radio show, The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, broadcast globally. His radio program brings in an estimated $4 million a year.

Rickey Smiley’s Net worth 

It’s common knowledge that Rickey Smiley is a well-known radio DJ, stand-up comedian, actor, and TV host in the United States. He makes a comfortable living by performing in various media, including as a radio host, stand-up comedian, actor, and TV host. Rickey Smiley’s net worth is $5 million.

A total of $825,000 a year is said to be his salary. On the other hand, he has kept her actual salary a secret. This sum includes money he has made through hosting events, doing stand-up comedy, and other activities. Comedy is the primary source of his income.


In the year 2000, he began anchoring the BET show ComicView. Ricky has performed on such stages as Showtime at the Apollo, Uptown Comedy Club, and Comic Escape.

He’s played real-life people like Beauford, Lil Daryl, and Rusty Dale, in addition to fictitious ones like Bernice Jenkins and Rusty.

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He has presented a morning program on KBFB in Dallas, Texas, since April 2004. Prank calls are a staple of the show. It also features recent hip-hop music news and other related content.

He appeared in and directed an episode of Comedy Central Presents in 2006 that was screened at the Just for Laughs Festival the following year in Montreal. The Rickey Smiley Morning Show was picked up by Syndicated One in 2008 and eventually aired on stations across the country. Ultimately, he was the master of ceremonies for Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming. In the 2011 TV movie Rickey Smiley: Open Casket Sharp, he portrayed the title character.

In 2012, Rickey Smiley appeared in his TV One sitcom called Rickey Smiley Show. Let’s Stay Together, a TV show he guest appeared on and executive produced, is also notable. Smiley hosted Dish Nation and portrayed Calvin in the film Baggage Claim. In 2015, Smiley created the reality show Rickey Smiley For Real, and in 2017, he hosted the program Star.

In addition to his music, he has published many parody songs, such as Roll Tide and We Miss Robert.

While the male-focused “We miss Robert” was sung hoping to land a record deal, the song was actually about a lady. It wasn’t until the hit movie Friday After Next a few years later that he gained widespread recognition.

Becoming a Renowned Comedian

It was tough going for him to break into the comedy business. When Smiley appeared at the Apollo Theater as an Alabama comic, reports claim audience members booed him. He was so dedicated to his career that he would have opened for $100 if it meant making it. In 1999, things started looking up for him after he earned a position as the regular opening act at Birmingham’s The Comedy Club. Smiley credits Steve Harvey with catapulting him to the next level in his profession and says he will be eternally thankful to Harvey.

While hosting “Family Feud,” Harvey promoted Smiley as his opening act and provided him a platform to do so. His prediction that the young comic would become the next great entertainment had Smiley in tears as he left the stage. Harvey was generous in publicly proclaiming the rising star’s potential; perhaps those words of prophecy were the impetus for Smiley’s success.

Smiley’s Christian upbringing is reflected in his works, such as “Mrs. Bernice Jenkins,””Joe Willie,” and “Lil’ Daryl”. One of his comedy CDs, “Open Casket Sharp,” peaked at #5 on Billboard and stayed there for a week. The Billboard chart life of “Prank Calls Vol.6” was six weeks, during which time it reached as high as No. 4. In 2004, at the BET Comedy Awards in California, Smiley got the Platinum Mic Viewer’s Choice Award for his efforts in making his audience laugh till they cried.

He recently spoke with TV One, saying he feels lucky to do what he does for a living. Every morning, he gets up, intending to make someone else happy. The most rewarding aspect of his career is realizing that his work provides his fans with a way to escape from reality. The spectacled comic continued, saying that he has been rewarded with sold-out tours since his weekly Karaoke at Stardome events has consistently sold out. 

Helping Others and Getting Recognized 

Rickey is active in volunteer efforts. He has done a lot of good through his nonprofit, The Rickey Smiley Foundation, which he founded.

The primary focus of this organization is to improve the quality of life for youth and the elderly.

He hopes to aid youth in their pursuit of academic and social excellence, recognizes the accomplishments of those who have lived longer, and help those less fortunate.

This organization also runs the Bridge Builders, Front Row, Simple Acts of Kindness, Father Figure, and Celebration of Seniors programs.

Concerning endorsing works, he has a five-year deal with Reach Media and Urban One for The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.

Houses and Cars Collection 

Rickey has a home in his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama.

Moreover, it has been suggested in the press that he has a home in Atlanta, where he reportedly stayed while filming a comedy. But there is a lot we need to learn about these dwellings.

He is passionate about giving vehicles as gifts to people rather than keeping them for himself. Smiley needs to keep track of information related to automobiles. 

 Rumors and Controversies

There was talk that the actor and comedian were dating Claudia Jourdan, his co-star on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.” Also, his younger son Malik’s scandalous comments towards black women landed him in the middle of controversy.

Afterward, he said he was going to say sorry right away. Additionally, his show can be divisive because some prank calls have insulted listeners.

A Look at Rickey Smiley’s Family 

Rickey, a solitary man in his 50s, is currently in the midst of his life without a partner. He just went through a separation and divorce. 

However, Rickey is a father of eight. Three out of a total of eight are his adoptive children.

Their names are Malik Smiley, D’Essence Smiley, Aaryn Smiley, and Brandon Smiley. No one knows the other kids’ names.

His daughter Aaryan suffered severe injuries. In 2020, a road rage incident nearly cost her her life.


What is Rickey Smiley’s net worth in 2022?

American comedian, radio host, actor, and businessman Rickey Smiley has a net worth of $5 million.

What comedy school did Ricky Smiley attend? 

From them, he learned the fundamentals of excellent storytelling, Southern culture, and the art of humor. 

Precisely what does Ricky Smiley get excited about?

Something about caring for and guiding young people became deeply ingrained in him.

What is Rickey Smiley’s annual salary?

Rickey Smiley’s deal with Syndicate One reportedly pays him several hundred thousand dollars annually. There has yet to be a public accounting of Rickey Smiley’s annual earnings.

In what kind of relationships does Rickey Smiley currently find himself?

Rickey has stayed tight-lipped about his personal life. Aside from his one previous marriage, he has never been in another meaningful relationship and is presently single. The fact that he did it all by himself makes him a celebrity. He raised two of his adoptive children (Brandon and Malik Smiley) as his own. Rickey learned that he had an older son six years after the boy was born. The DNA analysis verified that it was indeed his blood. His kid eventually moved in with him after seeing him frequently at first.


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