If you are a fan of Steelo Brim or just curious, you probably wondered about his net worth. When you tally up his earnings, Steelo Brim net worth currently stands at an impressive $6 million.

Steelo Brim’s primary income source is his extensive involvement in the TV show Ridiculousness. Besides appearing in 680 episodes, he produced over 100 of them. But his career doesn’t stop there. He has also been a producer, director, and host.

Today we will discuss the journey and accomplishments of this multi-talented individual. In the end, you will have a broad idea of Steelo Brim’s source of income.

Who is Steelo Brim?

Steelo Brim, also known as Sterling Brim, is an American television personality. He became famous for his roles in MTV shows like Fantasy Factor and Ridiculousness. He is also an actor, producer, host, and musician.

He is commonly referred to as Steelo. Plus, he has been a co-host on Ridiculousness since it started in August 2011. To date, he has been part of all 680 episodes. In addition to his MTV work, he has appeared in several other TV productions throughout his successful career.

Steelo Brim Net Worth?

Steelo Brim’s main source of income comes from his appearances on the TV show Ridiculousness, where he appeared in 680 episodes. Also, he has been an executive producer for over 100 episodes of the show.

As an actor, he has been in 12 TV series and films, which has earned him an estimated $400,000. When you add it all up, his earnings from Ridiculousness are estimated to be around $3 million. With this, Steelo Brim net worth stands at $6 million in total.

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Steelo Brim Income and Assets

While Stilo Brim net worth is around $6 million, it didn’t just come from hosting. He has made money from acting, creative production, podcasting, and hosting TV shows.

Although Stilo Brim net worth can vary, it always ranges from as low as $3 million to as high as $6 million. With such a fortune, it is easy for him to buy a 6,000-square-foot mansion for $4.2 million. In October 2022, he did exactly that at Encino in Los Angeles.

This five-bedroom house features amenities like a spa, a BBQ area, and a large pool. Inside, there is a game room, wine cellar, and movie theater. It is worth noting that in 2019, Brim experienced a burglary at his previous residence in LA. It resulted in the loss of items valued at about $100,000.

Biography of Steelo Brim

Steeleo Brim has maintained a clean legal record. Although a significant portion of his earnings likely went to taxes over the years, Steelo Brim net worth remains somewhere near $6 million.

To find out how he managed to own such a huge wealth, you must learn a few things about his life, his career, and so on.

General Information About Steelo Brim

Birth Name Sterling Brim
Nick Name Steelo Brim
Profession TV Personality
Date of Birth June 5, 1988
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois
Gender Male
Age 35 years
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Nationality American
Net Worth $6 Million

Early Life and Education

Steelo Brim, whose birth name is Sterling Brim, was born on June 15, 1988. He grew up in a decent neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois. He was raised in a religious family, with both of his parents serving as pastors.

From a young age, he had a passion for music and entertainment. Ultimately, this passion drove him to pursue a career in the industry. He attended Whitney M. Young Magnet High School and later began his higher education at Morgan State University in Baltimore.

However, he didn’t finish his studies there, as he decided to follow his music career in 2007.

Early Career and Journey to Ridiculousness

In the early 2000s, Sterling Brim crossed paths with future Hollywood actor Michael B. Jordan. At that time, they were roommates living in California.

Initially, his music career didn’t take off as expected. So, he switched to radio and broadcasting. He worked at various broadcasting companies and radio stations. During that period, he got to know Rob Dyrdek, an up-and-coming figure in the film industry.

After becoming friends with Dyrdek, Brim received an offer to co-host the MTV comedy clip show Ridiculousness. The show premiered in late August 2011. Currently, the show is in its 20th season and has been incredibly successful. Now, he is a familiar face on the show.

Brim’s energy and contributions have earned him praise. He became well-off thanks to his contract with MTV. Before his Ridiculousness journey, Brim had a small role in the 2001 feature film Hardball. Moreover, he appeared in a few episodes of Rob Dyrdek’s television series, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, among other projects.

Other Works

Apart from his role on Ridiculousness, Steelo Brim was also part of another TV series produced by Rob Dyrdek called Rob Dyrdek’s Wild Grinders.

By the mid-2010s, after hosting Ridiculousness for a while, Steelo Brim net worth was tuned at an estimated $2 million. This sum includes his earnings from all the episodes of the show, along with his previous earnings from work dating back to the 2000s.

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Brim also took on the role of creative producer and co-director of the show, which contributed to his income. He produced numerous episodes for Ridiculousness, featuring guests like Floyd Mayweather Jr., Becky Lynch, Adam Rippon, and more recently, Jay Rock.

Over the years, Ridiculousness became one of the most talked-about and watched TV series on MTV. Alongside his duties as a co-producer and director, Brim has been featured in other TV shows like “Orange Drive,” “How to Bake It in Hollywood,” and “Teenage Mountain Lion.”

In addition, Brim produced the television mini-series documentary Basic Math Day One in 2014. Steelo Brim’s presence extends beyond television. More recently, he teamed up with his friend, Chris Reinacher, to create their own YouTube podcast titled Wine and Weed.

FAQs on Steelo Brim Net Worth

Who is Steelo Brim best friend?

Steelo Brim’s best friend is actor Michael B. Jordan. Often, they are seen together, even though Michael B. Jordan is the more prominent celebrity.

How did Steelo Brim meet Michael B Jordan?

Steelo Brim and Michael B. Jordan met when they were kids. It was on the set of “Hardball” at the age of 12 that Steelo first met Michael B. Jordan. They have been best friends ever since.

How much is Steelo Brims necklace worth?

Steelo Brim’s necklace is worth $250,000. It features artwork from various renowned artists, such as Basquiat, Nina Chanel Abney, Warhol, Salvador Dalí, and KAWS.


Steelo Brim’s thriving career proves his talent and hard work in various sectors. He is not just another television personality; he is a recognized and accomplished figure in the entertainment industry. So, no wonder that Steelo Brim net worth is $6 million.

Steelo Brim’s story is a testament to what dedication and versatility can achieve in the ever-evolving world of showbiz.


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