Lululemon typically closes its stores on major holidays such as Christmas Day and Thanksgiving. Hours may vary for other holidays and locations.

Shopping for athletic wear has become a streamlined experience thanks to brands like Lululemon. Known for their quality yoga pants, workout gear, and athleisure apparel, Lululemon has garnered a dedicated following. Their commitment to customer experience extends to store hours, ensuring employees can also enjoy important holidays with family and friends.

Planning your shopping trip around these closures helps avoid any inconvenience. To stay updated on specific holiday hours, it’s always best to check with your local Lululemon store or their official website, as hours can be subject to change based on location and the nature of the holiday.

What Holidays is Lululemon Closed: Know the Dates!


Lululemon’s Holiday Schedule

Lululemon’s Holiday Schedule plays a vital role in planning your shopping or returns. Fans of the brand should note when stores might be closed.

Typical Holidays Observed

Lululemon honors various holidays, impacting their store hours. These standard closings allow staff to celebrate with friends and families.

  • New Year’s Day – January 1st
  • Easter Sunday – Spring celebration date varies
  • Thanksgiving Day – Fourth Thursday in November
  • Christmas Day – December 25th

Exceptional Closures

At times, Lululemon may close shops unexpectedly. Extreme weather or emergencies are typical reasons. Stay updated with Lululemon’s social channels or customer care.

Date Event Notes
Varies Severe weather Check local advisories
Varies Public health concerns Government orders will guide closings

Before heading out, always confirm with your nearest Lululemon store. Sometimes, local practices lead to variations in the schedule.

Planning Ahead For Lululemon Shopping

Love Lululemon’s collection? To ensure you don’t miss out on their best offerings, it’s smart to know when stores might be closed. During holidays, Lululemon might shut its doors, which can affect your shopping plans. This section helps you plan your Lululemon visits so you always leave satisfied.

Key Dates To Keep In Mind

Staying updated with Lululemon’s holiday hours prevents unnecessary trips. Here’s a quick list:

  • New Year’s Day – Likely Closed
  • Thanksgiving Day – Likely Closed
  • Christmas Day – Usually Closed

Remember, local stores might adjust hours. Check your local store’s schedule as well.

Signs And Notices For Upcoming Closures

Lululemon usually posts closure signs. Watch out for these around the store:

  • Entryway Notices – Look at the door for bright signs.
  • Social Media Updates – Follow Lululemon online for news.
  • Email Alerts – Subscribe to Lululemon’s newsletter for the latest info.

Catch these early to shift your shopping day and never miss out!

Statutory Holidays And Lululemon

Planning to shop for the latest yoga pants or running gear from Lululemon? It is important to check which days their doors stay closed. Lululemon respects statutory holidays and observes closures accordingly. Knowing these dates ensures you do not hit a closed door.

Federal Vs. Provincial Considerations

When planning your shopping trips, remember that Lululemon operates across different regions. Each Canadian region has its own set of statutory holidays. Some are federal, while others are provincial. Federal holidays apply nationwide, but each province may observe different dates too.

Lululemon adheres to both federal and provincial regulations. This means stores may close on different dates depending on their location.

Federal Holidays Provincial Holidays
New Year’s Day Family Day (select provinces)
Canada Day Islander Day (PEI)
Labour Day Heritage Day (NS)
Christmas Day Louis Riel Day (MB)

Observing Statutory Days Off

Observance of statutory days off means the Lululemon staff get to rest too. On these days, Lululemon stores close to give their teams a well-deserved break.

What to expect:

  • All stores closed on major federal holidays
  • Varying closures for provincial holidays
  • Last-minute shopping may need rescheduling

How Lululemon Communicates Closures

Lululemon, a brand known for its premium athletic wear, values both its customers and employees. Understanding the need for a work-life balance, Lululemon observes certain holidays where stores close to allow everyone to recharge. Keeping customers informed about these closures is a top priority. Here’s how Lululemon effectively communicates store closures to ensure no customer is left out of the loop.

Social Media Announcements

Lululemon harnesses the power of social media to reach a vast audience quickly. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter buzz with activity as Lululemon updates followers on upcoming holiday closures. Visually engaging posts ensure the message is seen and remembered. Customers frequently turn to these platforms for instant updates.

Email Notifications

The personal touch of an email cannot be overlooked. Lululemon sends out email notifications to subscribed customers. These emails are concise and to the point, clearly stating store closure dates. Customers appreciate the heads-up, allowing them to plan their shopping accordingly.

In-store Postings

Visitors to Lululemon’s physical stores encounter strategically placed signage with closure information. These reminders are bold and unmistakable, placed near entrances and cash registers. The goal is to ensure that every in-store shopper knows exactly when to return after the holiday.

Lululemon Online During Holidays

The holiday season brings a whirl of activity and festivity. While brick-and-mortar Lululemon stores may have special holiday hours or closures, their online storefront promises uninterrupted access to all your favorite athletic wear.

24/7 Online Shopping

As the holidays approach, comfort and convenience become paramount. Shopping at Lululemon online is available 24/7, even during major holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Day. Here’s what you need to know:

  • No pauses in website functionality
  • Seamless shopping experience, day or night
  • New deals and products continually updated
  • Easy navigation on all devices; desktop or mobile

Impact On Shipping And Handling Times

Increased traffic during the holidays affects shipping. Even though you can shop any time, plan for delays. Consider these points:

Order Date Expected Delay
Before December 20th Minimal Impact
December 21st – 27th Moderate Delay
After December 28th Regular Schedules Resume

Allow extra time for delivery. Tracking updates keep you informed. Customer service remains active for inquiries.

What Holidays is Lululemon Closed: Know the Dates!


Employee Well-being And Holiday Policies

Employees thrive when they feel valued and respected, especially regarding time off and work-life balance. Lululemon’s holiday policies and practices show a clear commitment to employee well-being. This section delves into how Lululemon supports its staff during holidays and fosters an environment that balances work with rest and rejuvenation.

Lululemon’s Approach To Work-life Balance

Lululemon prioritizes its team’s well-being by recognizing the importance of downtime. The company understands that rest is crucial for sustained productivity and creativity. It demonstrates this understanding through its store closures on major holidays.

Paid Time Off And Holiday Work

Employees receive paid time off (PTO) to enjoy holidays with friends and family. Lululemon embraces a culture that applauds taking time away from work. Staff are encouraged to recharge without the worry of lost wages.

  • Major Holidays: Lululemon typically closes its doors to allow employees to celebrate with their loved ones.
  • Flexible PTO: This applies not just to full-time but also part-time employees, showing Lululemon’s commitment to each team member’s well-being.

Alternatives When Lululemon Is Closed

Stumbled upon Lululemon’s closed doors during a holiday? Fret not! Plenty of alternatives await eager shoppers. Both nearby stores and online options offer a rich variety of active wear and accessories. Let’s dive into the best places to shop when Lululemon takes a break.

Neighboring Retail Options

Your local mall may house gems for activewear. Explore similar stores within walking distance. Brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour offer quality apparel. Check out their latest collections!

  • Sporting goods stores often stock a wide array of fitness apparel.
  • Don’t miss boutique fitness shops for unique finds.
  • Department stores sometimes host exclusive sportswear sections.

Online Retail Alternatives

Prefer shopping from your couch? The internet has you covered.

  1. Amazon boasts a vast selection of activewear for all.
  2. Explore eBay for deals on new and used Lululemon gear.
  3. Lululemon’s website remains open 24/7, ready to serve.
  4. Sites like Athleta and Fabletics provide stylish alternatives.

Remember, signing up for newsletters can grant access to exclusive online discounts.

What Holidays is Lululemon Closed: Know the Dates!


Customer Support During Holiday Periods

Customer Support During Holiday Periods is crucial for any successful business. Lululemon understands this well. During holidays, you might wonder how you can get support. Good news! Even when stores are closed, Lululemon offers help. This post explains Lululemon’s customer service over holidays. Know when help is available and what to expect.

Availability And Hours

Lululemon’s customer support team takes breaks on certain holidays. They value staff well-being. Yet, they also value customer support. Check their official website or contact them for exact hours. On most days, support is ready to help.

Add more rows as needed
Holiday Customer Support Status
New Year’s Day Closed
Christmas Day Closed
Thanksgiving Limited Hours

Expectations For Response Times

Quick responses are important. Even so, during holidays, delays might happen. Standard response times may not apply. Lululemon aims to reply as soon as possible. Below is what you can generally expect.

  • Non-holiday periods: Replies often within 24 hours.
  • Minor holidays: Might take up to 48 hours.
  • Major holidays: Response could take longer.

Plan accordingly. For urgent issues, use Lululemon’s help resources. Patience is appreciated during these peak times.

Frequently Asked Questions Of What Holidays Is Lululemon Closed

Does Lululemon Close On Major Holidays?

Lululemon typically closes on major holidays such as Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Store locations may also shut their doors on Thanksgiving and Easter, allowing employees to spend time with their families. It’s always best to check their official website or contact your local store for specific holiday hours.

What Are Lululemon’s Holiday Hours?

Holiday hours for Lululemon can vary by location and depending on the holiday. Some stores may operate on reduced hours during holidays like Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve. For the most accurate information, visit the Lululemon website or call your local store directly.

Can You Shop At Lululemon On Christmas Eve?

Many Lululemon stores offer reduced hours on Christmas Eve, catering to last-minute shoppers. However, these hours can differ, so it’s essential to check with your local store or the Lululemon website for the exact timings.

Is Lululemon Open On Black Friday?

Yes, Lululemon is typically open on Black Friday and may even extend its hours to accommodate the increased shopping activity. Black Friday often comes with special deals and extended shopping hours, which can be confirmed by contacting your local store or checking online.


Navigating Lululemon’s holiday hours can enhance your shopping experience. Remember, while they may close their doors on major holidays, their online store remains open for your convenience. Plan ahead to keep your fitness journey uninterrupted, even on festive days. Embrace the spirit of the holidays and enjoy mindful shopping with Lululemon.


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