Know When Your Favorite Sheetz Store Closes – Timings Guide for 2023

Find out what time Sheetz stores close for your late-night needs.

What Time Does Sheetz Close? Unveil the Schedule!



Sheetz is a friendly place that’s open most of the time. They have yummy food and drinks. But sometimes, they do close. Let’s find out when that happens!

Mostly, Sheetz Doesn’t Shut!

Good news! Many Sheetz stores are open all the time. They serve us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Isn’t that great?

When Might Some Sheetz Stores Close?

On holidays, a few Sheetz might close. They let their team have a break. Here’s a handy table you can use:

Holiday Closing Time Next Day Opening
Christmas Eve Varies Varies (often 24 hours)
New Year’s Day Open 24 Hours Open 24 Hours
Thanksgiving Open 24 Hours Open 24 Hours

If you’re not sure, it’s best to check the store you like.

What Time Does Sheetz Close? Unveil the Schedule!


Why Call Your Local Sheetz?

Sometimes, different places have different times. It’s good to make a quick call. Then you’ll be sure about when they close.

What Can You Get Before Sheetz Closes?

If you make it before closing, here’s what you can grab:

  • Snacks and drinks for your tummy.
  • Gas for your car to keep it running.
  • Some goodies to take home.

Frequently Asked Questions For What Time Does Sheetz Close? Unveil The Schedule!

What Are Sheetz’s Daily Operating Hours?

Sheetz typically operates 24/7, providing round-the-clock service at most locations. Always check your local store for specific hours.

Does Sheetz Open On Holidays?

Most Sheetz locations remain open on holidays, yet it’s advisable to confirm with your local store for any special hours.

Where To Find Sheetz Store Hours?

Sheetz store hours are available on their official website, or by contacting the local store directly.

Can I Visit Sheetz Late At Night?

Yes, many Sheetz locations are open 24 hours, allowing for late-night visits.


Sheetz is mostly open when you need it. Just check on special days. And when in doubt, give them a ring. Enjoy your visits to Sheetz, any time!


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