American TV star Natalie Nunn is a household name. Natalie will be starring in the fourth season of Bad Girls Club. She also plays a rousing game of soccer. During her USC Trojans career, she appeared on the team’s roster five times. Our focus here is Natalie Nunn net worth, and we’ll be discussing that.

People all across the world have questions for American TV celebrities that they want to get answered. You won’t need to worry since this article will answer your questions.

Natalie Nunn Net Worth

Contrary to popular belief, Natalie Nunn’s net worth is negligible. In 2022, Natalie Nunn net worth was $325,000 in assets. We have yet to determine if this is her wealth or the combined wealth of her spouse. Thanks to her reality television appearances, she’s doing OK financially and continues to hustle hard. She isn’t doing badly by any stretch. We figured she’d be worth millions of dollars.

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Although not all of her earnings are known, she received a sizable payment for her participation in Celebrity Big Brother. She made an appearance in 2018 and earned $130,000. Considering how little she spent filming, that’s a decent wage.

Natalie Nun Earnings and Income Sources

Thanks to her successful TV profession, Natalie Nun can augment her income. She has successfully formed mutually beneficial agreements with various high-end brands.

She makes a good livelihood off of, among other things, sponsored posts, corporate sponsorships and partnerships, and interview appearances. Nunn and Camilla Poindexter filmed a “Top Ten OMGs” episode for each of seasons 6–10 of Bad Girls Club.

The premiere of the new Oxygen reality competition shows Bad Girls All-Star Battle, which features Nunn, attracted an unprecedented 1.73 million viewers, making it the highest-rated television launch in the network’s history.

As for the competition, she came in at number five. Nunn and Poindexter co-hosted a casting program called “Making it to the Mansion, Miami” for Bad Girls Club: Miami II.

Check out the 2014 film Bad Girls Club: Redemption to see Nunn in action. Episode 4 saw her dismissed after she instigated a fight between Raquel “Rocky” Santiago and another employee.

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For example, Nunn appeared on “Where Are They Now?” and “Marriage Boot Camp” for WeTV. Mother/Daughter Experiment, which aired on Lifetime and starred Karen Nunn, focused on the two for an episode.

She is a Powerful Businesswoman.

Natalie Nunn has developed her own beauty business and serves as an executive producer for shows on the Zeus Network. Natalie Nunn is her name in the cosmetics business. She also manages a few other businesses in addition to this one. In addition to Journeys Hair and Fit By Paynes, she calls herself the CEO. Her dedication to her company has made comparisons to famous momager Kris Jenner. An article about her on said she could be more productive than Kris Jenner.

Real Estate

As a top real estate agent in the United States, Natalie Nunn is among the best in the business. She has a reputation for earning her clients the highest possible sales prices for their properties, having sold some of the most costly residences in the country.

Natalie has worked in real estate for over ten years and holds a business degree from the University of Southern California.

Natalie has completed the necessary coursework and is now a licensed real estate broker. Besides being an attorney, Natalie is a qualified real estate agent in the Golden State.

List of Honors and Awards

Regarding honours and recognition, Natalie Nunn has yet to be able to win any. But we must recognize her enormous impact on the entertainment world. Her two works, “straight like that” and “turn down for what”, have also brought her much acclaim.

Early Life

Natalie Nunn entered this world on December 26, 1984, in Pasadena, California. She is the younger sibling of elder sisters Nina and Natasha. Both of her parents are newcomers to the United States from Guyana.

She came from an extremely strict household, where her parents often fought. In high school, she excelled academically and was also the captain of the cheering team.

At USC, she majored in communications. After just one semester, she decided to leave school and focus on her modelling career instead.

Her photos have graced the pages of Maxim and Playboy, among others. Aside from “Bad Girls Club” and “Celebrity Big Brother,” she has also been featured on other reality series.

Marriage, Children, and Other Relatives

Earl Nunn, Natalie’s dad, has a successful business. Natalie’s mom, Karen Nunn, is a stay-at-home mom.

She is the only sibling of three. She has a brother named Ronald Nunn.

Natalie Nunn is currently in a committed relationship. She and Jacob Payne were married in 2012. The couple is raising a single child name Journey Ruth Payne.

She has dated several men, including Vernon Davis, Wiz Khalifa, Jacob Payne and Ty Lawson.

Race, faith, and ideology

So many people are curious about Natalie Nunn’s background that they’ve created a list of possible ethnicities, nationalities, Ancestry, and Race for her. Let’s have a look at it! According to publicly available sources like IMDb and Wikipedia, Natalie Nunn is of mixed racial heritage.

This piece reflects Natalie Nunn’s most recent spiritual and political beliefs. Olamide Faison was Nunn’s boyfriend from 2003 to 2009.  In 2011, she reportedly attracted the attention of several famous guys.  These included  Chris Brown, Rihanna’s younger brother, Rorrey Fenty and Wiz Khalifa.

Stunning Information about Natalie Nun

She doesn’t hide the fact that she’s had cosmetic work done.

Nunn was quite candid with her Instagram fans about the plastic surgery she underwent after giving birth to her baby, in contrast to some celebrities who choose to conceal the fact that they have had work done. It’s refreshing to have someone as forthright as she is.

She campaigns for wage equity.

On the internet in 2011, Nunn blasted Amber Rose for allegedly not paying her helper a decent wage. It’s inspiring that she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself and the people she cares about.


She has tried her hand at various careers, including producing, writing, and acting. Nunn has exhausted every possible avenue in her pursuit of professional development.

She was an Olympian.

Nunn participated in the Junior Olympics in 2002 as a high school student.

She’s a huge fan of reality TV.

Nunn’s love for reality TV dates far before she participated.

She appreciates her mother.

Karen, Nunn’s single mother, instilled a strong work ethic in her daughter and son by holding down three jobs at once to make ends meet.

A video of the N.S.F.W. quarantine

In 2020, Nunn became a viral sensation after she posted a Live video on Instagram in which she twerked while friends doused her rear end with hand sanitiser, vodka, and cereal.

Celebrities were her favourite to date.

Nunn’s ex-boyfriend list is more impressive than Taylor Swift’s, with names like Wiz Khalifa and Chris Brown on it.


Do we know how much Natalie’s BGC salary is worth to the company?

According to estimates, Natalie’s compensation from BGC is around $5 million. Her reality show is the source of her wealth.

Natalie, who has previously starred in other reality TV series and advertisements, is a fan favourite and one of the show’s most recognizable faces.

Has Natalie Nunn been dismissed from The Official Bad Girls Club?

Yes. A disagreement between Nunn and some of his co-stars led to his dismissal.

How much money will Natalie Nunn’s spouse have in 2023?

Jacob Payne, the man who is married to Natalie Nunn, is worth $2 million in 2023.

His success as a TV host and businessman has enriched him financially. Together, they are raising two small children after getting married in 2012.


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